Independent Living Program

CareRite TFC’s Independent Living Project (ILP) serves young adults between the ages of 16 and 21. ILP prepares individuals to live independently in their own communities, find and keep a job and pursue educational or vocational skill development opportunities. As they move through the program, they receive support and guidance to facilitate a smooth transition to independent living Our ILP delivers individualized and structured treatment for young adults in a community setting using apartments. Our ILP services are delivered by our dedicated Clinical team members using structured apartment settings in the community. CareRite TFC’s ILP services also offers a number of innovative programs within the ILP to prepare the youth for Independent Living and self-sufficiency. Similar to our Therapeutic Foster Care program, during the Orientation phase of ILP, young adults live in an apartment with a roommate and supervised by assigned staff members 24 hours, seven days a week. In partnership with clinical and program staff, the resident is provided with individualized support and direction to help him/her succeed in the communities they call home. While living in a ILP apartments, residents must attend classes taught by CareRite TFC staff which focus on teaching life skills, employment training and other independent living topics.

The ILP Services, include, but not limited to:

Individualized Service Planning

Transitional living standards

Life Skill training

Emotional Support

Educational and vocational assessments and training

Teen Mother Program

The CareRite TFC, Inc. Teen Parents Program (TPP) is a long-term transitional program, which focuses on teaching independent living skills as a continuum of CareRite TFC Programs for adolescent girls with babies between the ages of 13 and 21. The program is organized in a phase structure to focus on the individual ability to complete each task.

BASIC SERVICES: CareRite TFC is dedicated to providing each teen parent with basic services, which include, but not limited to:

Be involved in a work or school program

Provide Daycare for the children, so that teen parents can be involved in work or school.

24-hour supervision, 7-days a week

Personal grooming and hygiene training

Takes advantage of the opportunities to graduate into independent living program with own apartment in the community.

Medication monitoring and administration as needed.

Participate in in-house and/or out-patient therapy services as needed

Be involved in all educational, recreational, and cultural activities as scheduled.

Family services and support

Monitoring of school attendance and educational progress

Travel and transportation planning and training

Attend and participate in any team meetings as scheduled.

Attend all medical and dental care appointments as scheduled

Seek and attend in any appropriate vocational training.

Parenting Skill training.